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Founded in 1995 in the city of Alicante, Spain, Hidroten is a company with an international dimension, specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing all kinds of PVC / PP valve and fitting for fluids conduction in sectors such as water and waste water, agriculture, swimming pools, civil work, etc. 

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Omerastore, a subsidiary of omeras GmbH, is a German company specialized in supplying glass coated steel tanks and silos.
Omeras GmbH is a family-run business based in the Eastern Part of Germany. We have experience in manufacturing enameled (glass coated)...

Vitone Eco

From over 100 years of experience of VITONE, with the engineering skills capable of satisfying whatever need of centrifugation technology, born VITONE ECO, builder of decanters and vertical separators. VITONE Decanters are used for liquid clarification, same time separation of diverse fluids with solid parts removal sludge dewatering having production sites in...


Tholander Company is a leading German manufacturer of cost-effective and efficient air pollution control plants, offering turn-key solutions for almost any waste air problem. More than 1,000 references from a wide range of applications around the globe are testimony to the trust of our satisfied customers have in use. Every hour, Tholander cleans more than 5...


Installed in an Industrial building adapted to the manufacturing process, KOZEGHO is equipped with cutting-edge technologies like 3D design workstations in Solidworks and Autocad, CNC cutting mills, automatic welding machines and latest generation manuals, handling equipment and transport loads, construction , testing and diagnosis...