Omerastore has supplied three GLS tanks for water reservoir and distribution project in Turaif, after a visit of a technical team from the Ministry of Water and Electricity to its fabrication facility. This project consists of three GLS tanks; each one is 45.21m for its diameter and 12.67m for its height with a total net volume 20,339m3, with a trough deck roof. In 2015 Omerastore received the order from the main contractor to start the fabrication of the tanks. The first tank was delivered in August, and the contracture has started the tanks installation on November 2015. The project was moved in a right way by the presence of Omerastore and GEST supervisors on the site during the hall installation period and the continues support from both Omerastore and GEST. The cooperation between the contractor and our team has managed to overcome all the difficulties during the project, and now the project is about to be successfully completed.
Year: 2015