GLASS LINED STEEL TANKS BY OMERASTORE Omerastore, a subsidiary of omeras GmbH, is a German company specialized in supplying glass coated steel tanks and silos. Omeras GmbH is a family-run business based in the Eastern Part of Germany. We have experience in manufacturing enameled (glass coated) steel components for the most various applications, such as facade elements and innovative engineered products since 1838.

The tanks and silos supplied by omerastore GmbH are also made of enameled steel plates and galvanized ring stiffeners fixed and sealed on a concrete slab – that way, the tanks are extremely resistant and easily last a life time.

The storage capacity ranges from 8 m³ to over 20,000 m³ per tank and can be used for a large variety of contents … from storage water over potable water to sludge treatment.

Based on lowest maintenance costs - no repainting required – you are very flexible.

You may also easily expand or even move the tank according to your growing needs due to the segmented bolted way the tank is installed. Of course, all components are produced based on the individual needs and requirements of our customers.

Several projects all around the world show our competence – our sites range from Europe to Africa, America as well as Australia and - of course - the Arabian World. We have a reference of more than 350 tanks only in Saudi Arabia.

Please let us know your detailed enquiry and we are sure to find you an individual and specialized solution within short time.

OMERASTORE – the name for GLASS COATED STEEL TANKS Our expertise for your success. For more information, please visit our website:
TEL: +966 12 2636919 | FAX: +966 12 2636921